Policy Statement
We are committed to keeping all the homes we own and manage in excellent condition. We do this by running a specialist repairs and maintenance service for all our customers. This summary provides details on the service provided by our maintenance team and how this service can be used effectively, as well as explaining what sort of repairs you are responsible for yourself.

What am I responsible for?

Your tenancy agreement sets out a number of things that you are responsible for. You need to report repairs to us as soon as possible, and allow us to access your property in order to carry out repairs.

There are some repairs that we are not responsible for, such as:

  • Replacing light bulbs and fluorescent lights:
  • Repairing your own appliances (e.g. electric plugs, TV aerials, satellite dishes)
  • Minor plaster cracks:
  • Lost keys

How will we get in to carry out the repair?

You must make sure that we can get into your home to inspect it or carry out repairs. We can arrange either morning or afternoon appointments for repairs carried out by CHA.
If you cannot keep an appointment, contact us to change it as soon as possible.

Objectives of the Repairs Policy
  • to provide an efficient, prompt and cost effective response repairs service.
  • to promote understanding of CHA legal responsibilities and mutual obligations in relation to response repairs issues
  • to achieve high standards of customer care
  • to monitor the performance of the response repairs service in order to seek continuous improvement;
  • to provide a service which reflects CHA commitment to equality and to take account in particular the needs of vulnerable groups.