• Inspection - We come out and inspect your property at a time that best suits you. This is to ensure your property meets our needs and minimum standards. Therefore, we may advise you on any maintenance that needs to be carried out on your property. See property standards guide
  • Rent offer - Normally within 2 days of the initial inspection we will write to you to confirm whether we would like to let your property, the rent we can offer you, any repairs you must carry out and any furniture we require you to supply.
  • Market Property –In the unlikely event that we don’t have a tenant on our database we will  advertise your property in order to source a suitable tenant.
  • Tenant viewing - We then arrange a viewing with a tenant.
  • Tenant agrees - At this stage we advise you of the moving date.
  • Relevant documents collected from tenants - All tenants are vetted for security checks
  • Guaranteed Scheme approval confirmed –
  • Contract is signed. Tenant moves in.