Are you interested in leasing your property on a guaranteed leasing scheme with one of our public sector clients?

Capital Housing Associates  are able to offer longer term guaranteed rent schemes, anything up to 5 years. CHA specializes in renting residential properties to a wide range of public sector organizations across many London boroughs. Our clients include local authorities, NHS trusts, charities, housing associations, government supported organizations/departments, Universities/ Colleges and large commercial businesses.

Leasing procedure

When leasing your property to us, in effect we become your tenants. We guarantee to pay the agreed rent on time and we maintain your property (whether or not it is occupied and even if our tenant is not paying their rent).
We let the property to a household nominated by one of our public sector clients. The client pays us a weekly fee to cover costs. We are responsible for the day to day management of the property, including any tenant damage or complaints of neighbour nuisance, meaning no costs or hassle for you as the ultimate landlord.
Our leases are anything up to 5 years. At the end of this period, we would hope to enter into a further contract with you. This would obviously depend on us reaching a new agreement on all terms. We have leased many properties continuously for over many years and offer a very reliable service.
During the leasing period we will provide full management services. You will not have the worry or hassle of leaving your property unoccupied for long periods of time with no rent or of having to find tenants.

Benefits of the leasing scheme:

Guaranteed rent – We pay the agreed calendar month rent direct into your account by the 7th of each month.

Market competitive rates –
CHA rents are determined as an average across the borough in which the property is located.

Regular property inspections -
We visit your property on a monthly basis to ensure our tenants are living there, maintaining the property and causing no nuisance to the neighbours.

Maintenance –
We employ professional contractors to carry out repairs that are our responsibility under the lease at no cost to you.

Vacant possession –
We maintain your property throughout the term of the lease. When we return it to you we do so on time and in the same condition you gave it to us (minus fair wear and tear).

No monthly management fee’s -
CHA does NOT charge you any commissions or management fees during the period of the lease for properties tenanted by one of our public sector clients across London. CHA will NOT charge you for support services provided or the schedule of works prior to the leasing of the property.