The standards below represent the standards for temporary accommodation required by CHA LTD when applied in their entirety.


  • Roof to be water tight and free from defects, loose or missing tiles
  • Pipes to be secured to walls, gutters free from blockages and in good repair
  • Clear of rubbish with vegetation, shrubs and trees to be cut back
  • Fences to be in good order
  • Gate/s to operate and gate posts/pillars to be secure
  • Sheds or ancillary buildings to be in good repair safe otherwise to be removed or made unavailable to occupiers
  • Bins to be provided


  • External doors to have 5 levered mortise dead lock with an additional “Yale type latch” or thumb turn
  • Door to open freely and have a bell fitted and a clear door numbering
  • All entry systems to be in working condition and maintained
  • Internal doors to have keys removed. Safety door handle for bathroom and toilet
  • All doors with large glass panes and below 1200cm to be fitted with safety glass or film
  • Gaps between spindles to be no more than 100mm and gaps in staircases to be filled in
  • Two way light switch to be provided in stairwell
Walls and ceiling
  • Property to be free from damp, mould, condensation, peeling paper etc
  • Condensation will occur, at some time, in all homes. Condensation problems due to structural features should not be so pervasive as to constitute a health hazard or be a statutory nuisance
  • Air-bricks to be installed in rooms which do not have permanent means of fresh air

To be sound, not to show movement when examined

  • Surfaces to be painted / or papered
  • Paint to be clean and free from obvious marking, dirt etc.
  • Wallpaper to be in good condition and free from defects
  • Wood to be free from rot and painted to a reasonable standard with gloss paint


Heating to be:
  • Gas central heating (preferred)
  • Electric Economy Seven (night storage) heating (less than 5 years old)
  • Boilers to be less than 10 years old
  • Heating system to have a timer/thermostat
  • Heating to operate independently from the hot water system
  • Details for location of off- switch to have been noted
  • Landlord to provide safety certificate and copy of Corgi service contract every year
  • Boilers fitted in the bedroom must be fitted with Carbon Monoxide Detector, Boxed with air-vents
  • Landlord to provide a current NICEIC electrical safety report, this must have no items marked as requiring urgent attention or investigation
  • All electrical wiring to be covered
  • All surface mounted wiring to be enclosed in suitable plastic conduit
  • Fuse box to be housed in cupboard, with childproof latch on door to prevent access and ensure cables under meter are covered
Electrical sockets in the
  • Living room Two double sockets minimum
  • Double bedrooms Two double sockets
  • Single bedroom One double socket
  • Kitchen 4 sockets (Two double at worktop height, One for fridge and one for washing machine)
  • Boiler to be on spur
  • Landing One socket and Hallway One socket

Minimum requirements: floor coverings, curtains, nets, simple lampshades, cooker, fridge & plumbing for washing machine
Furniture to comply with the Furniture (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 Act (as amended)

Fire Safety

Front doors to flats
  • Internal doors leading off communal hallway MUST be half hour fire doors to meet Building Standard 476 Part22
Kitchen doors
  • MUST be half hour fire doors to meet Building Standard 476 Part22 (where impractical: a heat rise detector MUST be installed)
  • Glazed doors should have clear Georgian wire cast glass
Property safety
  • Fire blanket to be fitted in kitchen
  • Preferred: Electrically operated interlinked smoke alarm installed to each floor complying with Building Standard 5839 Part 6 conforming to Grade D, Type LD2
  • Minimum standard: Smoke alarms to be installed to each floor and living rooms


  • Two double sockets at worktop height
  • Two low level sockets (for fridge and washing machine)
  • Type of Hob (Gas preferred)
  • All rings to operate
  • If free standing, cooker to be chained to wall
  • Oven to be clean and with shelves
  • Landlord to provide safety certificate (as part of gas safety)
  • Tiling of splash back to a minimum of 300mm (two tiles high)
  • Sinks & worktops to be sealed around edges with silicone sealant
  • Waste pipes & taps to be defect free, no leaks or drips (must be sealed so as not to allow ingress of vermin
  • Taps should be easy to operate
Units to be provided:
  • Two fitted floor units (excluding the sink unit)
  • Minimum of two drawers per unit
  • Units to be free from defects
  • To be clean and in good working order less than 1 year old
Washing Machine

Washing machines not essential but if provided:

  • Appropriate fittings to allow installation of a washing machine
  • Non return valve to be fitted to the waste pipe
  • Landlord to maintain all breakdowns if washing machine is provided
Floor covering
  • Floor covering to be vinyl type and free from defects

  • location to be identified


Floor covering
  • To be of vinyl type, free from defects
  • To be sealed around the edges with silicone sealant
  • Shower only properties will not be accepted
  • Access from hall or landing
  • To be fitted securely
  • Tiles to be of 300mm around bath and sealed at the joints
  • Bath panels – to be free of defects particularly plastic panels
Showers (where provided)
  • Showers are not essential but where provided the landlord must ensure that their use will not do damage to the property.
  • Separate shower cubicles to be tiled to a height of 1.8 M
  • Base to be adequately sealed and curtain/door to be provided
Showers fitted above baths
  • Tiling of a sufficient height to protect the decoration of the wall (1.8M +)
  • Shower door or curtain to be supplied and should be of a sufficient standard to prevent water damage to floor
  • Any hand held shower attachment should be fixed to the wall / bracket
  • as for kitchen
  • location to be identified
  • Toilet to be clean, secure, free of defects, secure seat and the cistern to fill at a reasonable rate
  • Floor covering to be free of defects, vinyl preferred with sealing at the edges with silicone

Living Area and Bedrooms
  • Carpet to be clean and of reasonable quality, free from defects (tainting, excessive wear etc)
  • Curtain rails to be securely fitted above all windows
  • Curtains to be clean and free from defects
  • Nets to be fitted to all windows


CHA will check through these criteria when conducting the initial inspection