Q. Does my property have to be furnished?

No. but any furniture left in the property has to be approved by the client and must meet health and safety requirements as well as fire safety regulations. Any furnishings left at the property must be clean, unstained, well maintained and free from damage.

Q. What condition does my property have to be in?

The property has to be in a good, liveable condition. Properties have to be in a good state of repair. Also, must meet health and safety requirements as well as fire safety regulations.

Q. How rent is agreed on your property?

The rent is agreed depending on the size and location of the property.
You will receive market rate depending on which client is interested in letting out your property on a guaranteed rental scheme.

Q. How your rent is paid?

Your rent will be paid via the BACS system direct in to your bank account on an agreed monthly date.

Q. Who is responsible for the utility and council tax bills?

We advice all landlords to contact the relevant council tax office and utility companies, instructing them the property has been tenanted and it is the responsibility of the tenant to maintain these bills.

Q. Who will manage the property whilst on lease?

The management of the property is done by our specialist maintenance division at Capital Housing Associates Ltd. The division will allocate a Property Inspector who will carry out regular inspections on behalf of our client. The inspector will manage all aspects of the property making available all reports. Landlords are offered the opportunity to visit the property once leased at an agreed time with the inspector.

Q. Who is responsible for the Maintenance and Repairs issues with the property?

Any issues that occur during the lease agreement of your property will be reported back via the specialist maintenance division. General wear and tear issues will be resolved by CHA. Any other issues will be the responsibility of the landlord, who has an option of passing the works on to our maintenance division. Regular inspections are carried out on your property to check that it is being looked after.

Q. What happens at the end of the lease?

At the end of the lease agreement, the landlord has the option of either renewing the lease or having the property back.

Q. How will I receive my property back once the lease has ended?

Properties are to be handed back to landlords in the same condition as originally given  (with an allowance for fair wear and tear in line with an agreed schedule of condition).


Q.What area does CHA cover

We cover all London Boroughs. Click here to see a map and a list of Borough’s

Q. Are CHA members of any professional organisations?

CHA are proud members of the National Landlords Association and the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme. Please click here for more information about these organisations.